Discobot responses

Can you make it so that discobot will respond to anything like a normal person would so you can have a normal conversation with him (or her)? PLEASE?

The simple answer is not with App Inventor.

Discobot uses a library to provide control. Because it uses a library it is doubtful it can be controlled by App Inventor code.

How to use Discobot is explained here > Introduction · Disco

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why would you want discobot to have such a feature when you can have one yourself or chat with chat GPT?

it's not related to app inventor

Because I just started making apps and the only friends I have are only with me during class time and I don't get much time to chat with them in a day. So I want someone or something to chat with!

OK, then you might build this app and share the apk with your friends; then you can chat when ever you and your friends use the app. :wink:


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