Disallow action from being performed again after it occurs

Helloo there guys im here to ask about if accelerometer is able to stop on one activation. like for example im making an easter egg, where i shake the phone it would pop up. i was wondering if it is possible to make it to activate only once or no, like once and it wont activate again.

Using the TinyDB component, store the value False under a suitable TinyDB tag.
When the trigger (in this case, the event called when the phone is shook) is activated, check if this value is False. If it is, show the easter egg, and set the value of the tag to True. Since this statement does not check if the value is True, the easter egg will not be displayed when it's set to True.
There are multiple tutorials on how to use the TinyDB component both in and outside of this community; you just have to search for them.