Disabling Error Notifications

Dear Friends,

I get an error response pop-up when my app fails to reach an IP destination.
I can deal with the no connectivity on my programming and I want to disable or prevent this pop up from appearing in my APP on the phone.

Can someone kindly advise me.

Thank you.
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Have you used any extention in your app? Can you elaborate you issue.
and share some screenshots of block and pop up error.


I get an error code of
“Error 1101 : Enable to get a response with the specified URL:

This response seem to come from the APP Inventor/ Android platform and not part of the code blocs I have included.

My blocks are simple,

set Web1.Url to “
call Web1.Get

ps. I tried to upload screenshot but it shows some error code on this window. So I typed out the error messages.

Please kindly help with original issue. Thank you.

error screen 1 error screen2


You can try capturing the error with the Screen Error Block. This could allow you to give your own message, or no message.

Hi I am pretty new to the MIT App Inventor.
I’ve searched the web for resource but not readily available guidance on the Screen Error Block.

Could you help and point me to where I could add that?

Thank you.

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you can find the ErrorOccurred event in the Screen drawer

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use extension internet connection, if internet was connected then include your program. that, the program can't run before your device connected to internet

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