Disabling Connect/Disconnect Message in Bluetooth-to RS232 Dongle

I'm developing an App that interfaces to a device using RS232.
I completed phase 1 utilizing OTG adapter and USB-RS232 cable.
I'm almost done with phase 2 where I'm utilizing a Bluetooth-RS232 Dongle.

Everything is working quite well except when the App is Connecting/Disconnecting to dongle where I get message on the RS232 side "CONNECT 'A407-B6-89727C'" and similar when disconnecting. The App is not sending these messages so it must be a Bluetooth setting/standard.

Is there a method to disable these messages from being sent. Is it in the firmware/setting of the dongle, etc...

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

I found the answer...
It is a setting on the dongle:
ATQ1 will not prompt result messages
ATQ0 will prompt result messages (default setting)

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