Disable the insertion data until bluetooth connection is estabilished

Goodmorning everyone.
I wanted to know if it is possible to "disable" the insertion of data or check boxes on the initial screen until the bluetooth connection is established? Do I have to do it for every single writing box or is it possible with a single block?
I made an initial screen that shows the data stored in the last use as "suggestions" in the text boxes and I would like to be able to change them only after the bluetooth connection is established. It's possible?
Thank you
PS: In the indicated block I have to "disable" every single component. Is that how it works?

You could put all those components in an Arrangement, and set the Arrangement to Visible on connection, invisible otherwise.

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Thanks ABG,
for the quick response, I actually put the "variable" blocks in this double arrangement and it works. I also had to change the background color because when they were deactivated the contents of the text box were not visible .. how much light gray.
Thanks again