Disability Parking App

I'm a 43yr old single mom that uses a power wheelchair for mobility. I am looking for someone to collaborate with me on developing a disability parking app. I have no experience in app development at this time. I would like to develop an app that works along the lines of an Easy Pass. When someone is inappropriately parked in a handicap spot a picture of the vehicle's license plate will be taken and the vehicle owner will be sent a fine in the mail. Any help or suggestions that can be provided will be greatly appreciated. I look forward to working with you
Thank you in advance
Leanna Lucas

welcome CPMama11.
How to know the vehicles owner's email?

I'm hoping that the fine will be sent in the mail to the address and this would be found through the license plate information.

Ok, you want to send a real mail, not an email.
But still, how to know the real address through license Plate?
And who will send the mail?

A Disability Parking App sounds wonderful. However, is an app like you described practical. Have you considered:

  • Who will take the picture of the license plate? What will they use to take the picture?
  • What data base will be accessed to provide the owner's address and particulars based on the plate number? Will the app be tied to the data base?
  • Who will send the notice of fine? Are you a member of a law enforcement organization (that is do you have the authority to levy a fine?).
  • Disability permits on a vehicle take various forms: a special license plate, a tag hanging from the rear view mirror etc. How will the app decide if a permit is lacking?

The right kind of app could be a useful tool to discourage car owners from parking in Disability Spaces. It must be extremely distressing to be disabled and to have someone who does not have the need abuse the parking space by occupying a space needed by others.

Here are suggestions for some goals for the app that would be practical to implement.

  • Take a picture.
  • Mail (email) it to the authorities responsible for ticketing and code enforcement along with a reason for identifying the vehicle violating the disability parking ordinance.
  • Provide a list of appropriate email addresses etc. the user of the app can use to report the possible violation (send an email)
  • Note the time and date and a good description of the location of the presumed infraction.
  • provide your contact information.

Kevinkun has already identified some areas of concern. Others too will be interested in helping you build your app.

Good luck with your Project


It is my hope that the disabled person will have the app on their phone and the app will have the ability to take the photo of the vehicle's license plate. I would like the app to have the same ability as the EZ pass system used when you go through a toll. A photo of your vehicle's license plate is taken and you are sent a bill in the mail for the toll amount owed.

You can take photo of a vehicle, upload the photo and other info (license plate, place, date/time, your information ) to cloud.
But you need to read @SteveJG 's post, to think about is this doable (by yourself)?