Difficulty implementing snake game in app inventor. Requesting ideas how to proceed

So attached is my first attempt at making a snake game with app inventor.

I think I may have been wrong to try and use ball and canvas as the basis for this game, as it appears I need to install an extension simply to create programmatically instantiated components such as another ball (I envisaged the body of the snake being made up of a newly instantiated ball component that followed the others).

Another option was to perhaps create a tiled grid out of label elements but this is also easier said than done here without CSS at my disposal.

My questions are... is it necessary to give up on the canvas/ball/sprite method or is there a way I can easily achieve this? extensions are fine if they do what I need.

After I solve the game play issue I hope to incorporate a clouddb to keep track of highscores, but that part hasn't been worked on just yet.

Any feedback or thoughts on how best to proceed are welcomed.


SSSNAKE.aia (68.1 KB)

Search the AI2 gallery for examples of a snake game, these may help you to decide on a method

(you may need to login through the AI2 app)

See this spriteless sample ...