Different results debugging

i am really confused!
Looking closely, in app running on chromebook companion, I get a false result.... right click and [Do it] results in a true result???
I have checked, double checked, triple checked.... what am I missing???

(I know as soon as I hit [Create Topic], the answer op out immediately...)

What's in globals control_calendar and index_calendar?

Also, that inner if/then should not have two branches to it, replacing that true/false result.
Maybe the result should start out legal and switch to illegal if the inner loop finds a match against the illegality table, or pass throught the loop unscathed?

the control calendar and index calendar are just static information for finding data in other calendar lists.
I added the 'else' to see if i could get the right result.

this compares data, does it compare the text to a whole item in the list? or will will section up the 'piece' to find any match? (I know this one is not looking through a list, I created a loop to verify data integrity)

in theory, it's supposed to look through all the illegal items (blocked dates) and compare them to the section out lined by the dates supplied by global_control_calendar

This routines receives one day_number, the number of the day in the year, and checks to see if any illegals reside within it's title. the control_calendar holds all the day/date information relevant to the app, and the schedules it will be making. This whole thing is about not having clashes in the schedule.

That green not block fronting the contains block looks wrong for that context.

If the calendar entry contains one of the illegalities, then the calendar entry should be regarded as not logal (return false).

That index_calendar list contains ... ?

the index_calendar contains the number of the day in the year, 1 through 365(366 on a leap year). I use that to count days in an operational calendar, borne of the control calendar, which carries the scheduled projects. It advances 1 each day, so will be 'today' through 365/6 each day.
I will reconsider the [not] block

so i changed it to assume false going into the procedure, and make true if an illegal item was detected. It works now, but, before it would report false on what should have been true. I shan't look this gift horse too closely, just make sure I understand thoroughly the logic.
Cheers ABG, i appreciate the light shed upon my confusion.

one more notch in the coding totem

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