Different emulators of same resolution but show different screenshots

I tried to code a game. I used different emulator of the same screen resolution (720 x 1280) to test run the game. However, the screenshots were so different. In project, both fo height and width of Canvas were set to fill parent. The size of the Screen was set to responsive.
Thanks for your help!

Possible that the two inside emulators are using a different density ?


You are right! Thanks!!

And I got a Watching! "You will receive notifications because you created this topic."

I don't know why? What rules did I break? Too easy the question?

720 x 1280 vs dpi|690x384

"Watching" isn't a warning, it just indicates that you will get notifications to your topic quickly. You'll get them in the Notifications page of your Profile.

I see and thanks for your reply!

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