Differences On 1st Screen using MIT App Inventor

I have noticed that new compiled versions of the 1st screen title are different than 1st screen title versions compiled on earlier projects. The latest title 1st screen is larger than the earlier version. In addition, when I sent the latest compiled 1st screen to an Android device, the title portion of the 1st screen is missing when I run the code on the Android device. I note that the title portion is shown properly on the MIT App Inventor companion. Earlier title screens that work properly do not have the "..." portion of the title screen. Does anyone have an explanation of what needs to be done to bring the title screen back in on code compiled for Androids? Thank You

There is a new Project Properties section in the Designer, with a Style section.

Play with that?

ABG, Thanks for the tip! In the "Theming" section of "Project Properties", I changed the Theme back to "Classic" and this seems to have fixed the problem.

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