Did we lose Z text from the Graphics & Animation reference page?

A recent thread

highlighted a gap in the doc page for Sprites and Balls.
While the X and Y values are described well, the Z value explanation leaves out the direction of ascending/descending Z values: towards vs away from the observer.

Also the user had to test for himself to determine Z precedence of stacked TouchDown Events for overlapping Sprites. (Which fires first, Z=1 or Z=3 ?)
That should have been stated.


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Thanks for the report @ABG. When we moved to markdown for the documentation some of the detail was lost. I’m working on a patch to address this.

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This was fixed in a recent release. The text is now:

Z (number)
How the ImageSprite should be layered relative to other Balls and ImageSprites, with higher-numbered layers in front of lower-numbered layers.

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