Did App Inventor buy Kodular

ouvi dizer q o appinventor comprou o kodular e vai mescla as duas plataforma alguem sabe dizer se isso e verdade ???

TRANSLATION: I heard that appinventor bought kodular and will merge the two platforms, does anyone know if this is true ???

No, App Inventor never purchased Kodular.

App Inventor 2 started in 2015 by the MIT, and is open source, meaning that anyone can create their own version of App Inventor. Based on this, Kodular was created in 2017 by private developers, and they added a lot of features currently unavailable in App Inventor.

Now, Kodular is going to merge into App Inventor. Kodular will shut down, and App Inventor will receive features that App Inventor does not have but Kodular has.

App Inventor is not a commercial company. It is for education. No money is involved.

Please refer to this official post for details instead of a classic game of telephone.

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alguma previsão de quando isso vai acontecer ????

Please read the official post that I linked to.

MIT and Kodular staff are targeting 2024, though from what I have seen from GitHub, Kodular staff are already merging features into App Inventor.

This will not happen overnight, as there are plenty of Kodular bugs to fix that Kodular staff overlooked or ignored. I think this will be a long process.

tenho uma ultima pergunta pra quem tem versão paga do kodular como vai fica as asinatura vai ser cancelada e quem tem projetos no kodula vai pode exporta pro appinventor sem poblemas ???

For your first question, officially, you will get a refund only for the non-used time of your subscription.

For your second question, officially, yes, but only after the collaboration completely finishes.

obrigado por esclarecer essa duvida q não e so minha mais de muita gente q usa o kodular e o appinventor um forte abraço e mais uma vez obrigado valeu !!

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Hmm, are you absolutely sure about that?
(It would probably be the first time in human history.) :wink:

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At least, not officially ...

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