Device crashes when using a list picker block

I'm reporting a problem with the listpicker .beforepicking block where if you put a listpicker .open block underneath it, the app will take up all system resources and results in an infinite loop trying to open something (im unsure of what). This loop seems fatal and can only be stopped by force rebooting your device.

Screenshot 2021-02-03 214723

yes, it does not make sense to put the Open block in that event, because it calls the BeforePicking event, which calls Open, which calls BeforePicking, etc.

if you want to use the Open block you should put it into a Button.Click event for example


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I do understand that it doesn't make sense to use it in this way but what concerns me is that it essentially causes your device to crash :grimacing:

you can invent several examples of endless loops...
it does not make sense to create endless loops and as you found out, it will result in a crash...
I only can suggest to avoid it and if you get an endless loop, you know that you made something wrong...


Oh okay. Thanks for explaining. Should I remove this topic?

no, I just marked my answer as solution...

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