Development window

I have recently noticed that on some of my screens, the environment does not fit. Is there a way to adjust the size and/or actions of the various screens and/or windows in the development environment?


Do you mean in the designer ?

The designer only provides an approximation of how the screen will look, you should use a real device to see the output, using companion.

However, if you need more workspace, change the designer view to Tablet or Monitor.


It's more about the development spaces than displaying the visual representation of the finished product.
Screenshot 2022-04-22 103516

I hope these pics tell the tale.

Unfortunately those images do not without a clear explanation of what you want to do. :cry:

Possibly you wish to zoom the Blocks out to see more of your Blocks at one time. You can use these on screen tools in the Blocks screen:


or make your browser display the full screen by expanding the window to full screen.


or use the sliders pointed to in this image to reposition the windows ?


I will try to explain more clearly.
With the first image, the menu top right goes off screen, not a big deal, as far more time is spend in the blocks section than design section.

In the second image, it shows how the main block window zips up and off the screen (albeit partially) while scrolling down in the left hand menu looking for controls. (In this example, it is a very small mileage tracking app, but in some where there are hundreds of controls, it gets to be lots of scrolling around.

My question is, therefore, can we make the blocks window (The window in which all the blocks are displayed and manipulated) static, so it doesn't keep rolling off the screen?
ie; separate the controls menu from the block window...? so they move independently from one another

I do face the same issue while scrolling the main window or sub-window then I need to put the mouse pointer over to the specific window to scroll that section only.

No. The options developers have are already mentioned. Use the - on screen icon to display more Blocks or use your Browser controls to set the zoom of of the display window.

:cry: you got what you got; thousands of AI2 developers survive the experience.

Yup. It's still worth it!! Thank Steve. Appreciate the input.
Happy coding!!