Developing an app for one particular device

Hello everyone!

I am developing an app that is meant to be run on a particular device, which in my case, is a Samsung tablet. Just so you know, by 'tablet' I do not mean to say that I am developing an app that can be run on all Samsung tablets. I mean that I want the app to run only on my tablet.

Now that I want to run the app on a single device, I want to design it pixel-perfect. I know the viewport height and viewport width of my device, so I am planning to develop the app accordingly.

However, I can't seem to find any way to replicate the screen size of my device in the editor. I also cannot find an option to set a custom screen size in the emulator. If the editor does not allow it but the emulator does, then that won't be a problem.

So is there a way to set a custom screen size (in pixels) when designing an app? OR In the emulator's expanded settings maybe? I hope someone knows how to do it. Thanks!

Can you use companion app on your specific device? If so, that is all you need.

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I surely can but I would like to know whether to set the screen to Scrollable if using this method and whether to set the screen sizing to Fixed or Responsive. Thanks!

Responsive would be fine but since the app is developed for only a kind of device so you can also go with Fixed sizing.

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Unless you want the main screen to scroll, then no. However, when adding or working with components in the designer, you may need to set the screen to scrollable to be able to access components that fall below the bottom of the screen (in the designer - but these display OK in companion mode)

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