Detect when user stopped walking with pedometer

Hi, I'm trying to make a video loop when the pedometer is walking, however it seems to be buggy so I want to know how to detect once the user stopped walking with a pedometer. Thanks

Welcome Marcus.

What the Pedometer can do is described in Pedometer .

There is a Property StopDetectionTimeout that returns the duration of idleness (no steps detected) after which to go into a “stopped” state that might help. There is no corresponding Method unfortunately . That means you have to be clever and come up with a way of determining the user stopped. You might be able to use knowledge of when no steps are detected using the Clock to monitor steps. If no steps detected within a period of time, then assume the user stopped walking?

How to do that? I don't know. If I were building the app, I would experiment. :slight_smile:

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