Design, Viewer, possibility to deaktivate the Viewer for better visibility

Is there a possibility to implement checkbox to deaktivate the Viewer in the design view of the user interface, to have a better possibility to work on the variables in the list, in the left side in the user interface on the design side?

Like it is in the block side, where you only have, from left to right, the list of options variables or Icons putted in Project Display, und dann on the right side York only the code Display .

Naked in the same way in the design side of the user interface, with the possibility to activate or deaktivate the Viewer?

Thanks a lot muchas gracias Dankeschön

That's not something I had considered, but I can see what you're talking about. This is a good time to offer suggestions for user interface changes, so I'll keep this in mind.

I mean because in the viewer in the designer you are is the possibility to make changes in 2 things , and when the possibility is given to deactivate the viewer, then it's more comfortable to edit the column on the right side on the screen.....

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