Deprecated model AI chatbot

I have a problem with MIT APP inventor. I'm using the OpenAI extension for my chatbot and it was working for me last year, but now it's giving me the error Model text-da-vinci-003 is out of date. I paid the bill and made a new api key but still the same error. What should I do?
I saw that it was replaced by a new model, I just don't know how to insert and if it is the same extension OpenAI.aix.


which extension are you using?


Do you have the link to the site where do you downloaded it? is that extension located in this community? Has the extension been developed by a member of this community? If you have questions about an extension, the best place to ask is the place where you have downloaded it, to the author himself.

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What extension do you normally use for chatbot?

I don't use chatBot extensions...there is a chatBot component (experimental) in the native components of AI2...
Experimental (

and you can search in the community for other extensions...for example:

Can you send me .aia or only block code of chatbot?