Dependent List or Spinner


I would like to have a three list picker or spinners one after the other and the second one(element) will be dependent on first's selection value and same for third being dependent on second's value.

Please guide me. attached is a sample csv

dependent list.csv (195 Bytes)

Do you mean to have casecading of listpicker,

blocks (74)

After selection of a value in first list picker, the second listpicker should get values from corresponding values from csv. likewise for third from second

i cannot match with exact value check (like selection = "XYZ") for every value

hope i am clear

First I would recommend to read and do it the following tutorial, most of details are covered. You can also share your findings/analysis.

Appreciate, but the tutorial is about creating a new list - i want to get data in to list picker form CSV.

Thank, but you need to share your efforts/work since how to put everything on table, ready to have.

an example

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Creating csv manully using comma and \n for enter key

Using File component

Your CSV


See this sample app ...

It needs updating to load its table from a file, instead of hardwired blocks.

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