Deleting item from listview and cloudb with selection

Good morning everyone.
Good morning everyone.
Please can you suggest to me how I can delete a piece of data from list view and cloudb permanently with a simple selection?
For the listview no problem as you can see in the image but for the cloud what should I do?
eliminazione dato

If you are not filtering the list with the filter bar:


If you are filtering the list


Thanks Tima12, But also in one of the two suggested ways I just delete it from the listiview. I would need to delete it from Cloudb at the same time.

How is your list stored to cloudDB?

In the second way that I have already tried, it is only deleted from the list view but when I reload the project it returns, the list as it was before the deletion

stituisce l'elenco com'era prima dell'eliminazione.

I still have to upload to CLouddb and I wanted to know how to delete it before uploading it.
Just to avoid making mistakes, I wanted to know which of the two ways you suggest for the list and if you suggest the best way to upload the data to the cloud so that I can then easily delete it with the selection in the list.

You could do this:

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To clarify better: the blocks I posted permanently eliminate the selected data from the listview and this is fine with me.

I just need to know how to delete it from the cloudb at the same time, selecting the item in the list view.

Great thanks, I'll try it now.

Super works great, thanks again.

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