Deleting item from list and tinydb

hi. i'm currently building an app that tracks assignments using lists and a tinydb. i want to be able to click on an assignment and then delete it using a delete button. everything else has been set up and is all fine and dandy, but i can't seem to figure out how to delete the assignment from the list. i've attached the code that adds the assignment to the list and the delete button's code. the delete button is coded the way my teacher put it, but it doesn't work. i've already gone through multiple other topics in search for an answer, but nothing is exactly similar enough to my situation to help. i apologize if there was already an answer that i didn't see!

Screenshot 2023-11-21 093949

Show us the event block where you select an item from your assignment list picker.

it's just a list view, not a list picker. would it work better if i switched it to a list picker?
Screenshot 2023-11-21 11.35.10 AM

I just could not tell the component type from the name.
Add _LPK or _LVW to the name in the Designer, to make that clear.

Regarding your storage and selection process, you have a three ring circus where you juggle several versions of your task list:

  • TinyDB tags
  • downcased copies
  • verbose values with time stamps
  • a global list

It has exceeded my complexity threshold.

Here is a simple To Do list sample

your vocabulary is whats verbose here... regardless, thanks. i'll take a look at this and hopefully it'll help. nerd.

(adjusts glasses)

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