Deleting entry from firebase

Hi can you assist me with this please.

I am trying to delete single entries from firebase. When I press delete, it deletes the entry in the app but it is still there in firebase. When I use clear tag, it deletes everything in firebase.

You do not show these blocks ?


This is strange, why not just store the list?

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This is how I did it with clear tag

it is stored in database, im just saying, if I remove one from the app, I wanted to remove that same one from the database as well
For example, just to delete aspirin. Doesn't make sense to try and remove it?
Screenshot 2022-04-30 at 4.53.41 PM

This works OK for me


Make sure Your MedBox.txt is not empty and that the content exists in your firebase data under /Meds

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Just to clarify, this is the set up you have above?

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Did you test it?

Yes I did, didn't work for me

Doesn't really help much :wink:

What didn't work ? Have you used Do It in companion to check output as each stage ?

To be on the safe side set

ProjectBucket = Automatic_Pill_Dispenser

at the start on the Button18 click event

Sorry, I meant its the same issue, it deletes from my list in the app but is still stored in firebase

OK, what do you get back in your taglist value ? (the raw return of taglist)
and what is the value in MedBox.Text ?

Had another look, the issue is the "clear" procedure, which empties the textbox.

To overcome this, set the listview selection to a variable, and use this in the Button19 and TagList events

Also, in the clear procedure you set the selectionIndex to the selectionIndex ?


I get the exact value

Actually, Button 18 is not the delete button, its the add.

So you're saying move the clear from the add button blocks to the delete blocks?

I said button19....

I did not say that at all ???

Look at my latest blocks, and change yours to match.
Make a selection from the listview, then hit button19
This will remove the selection from the listview and on firebase

Okay I am just understanding, I tried it and it works!

Thank you very much

And here I thought it was all about Button42.

I bid Button20!

I hear Button20, any one bid Button21?
Going once, twice, Button20!

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