Deleting a Procedure's name

In Blocks Editor - With an already defined procedure and its call within a WHEN BUTTON 1 CLICK:-

If an attempt is made to rename the procedure by repeated quick backspace deleting of the current name, then App Inventor suddenly opens in Designer View with a different previously saved App.
There doesn't appear to be any other detrimental effects - Returning to the original App has the procedure with its name partly deleted.

PS: I'm on the nursery slopes with App Inventor and this problem occurred using Windows 7.

I think the same thing happened to me yesterday

The problem with that (according to me) is the Network issue
whenever there is No internet access the changes which are made are not saved
we see the changes done but they are actually not getting saved

And yes , when we are back to good internet speed , the project reloads

Can you provide an aia project that demonstrates this issue, in a repeatable way?
I cannot make this happen.

whom is this question for?

The OP, or you, seeing as you are able to see it as well.

well I asked you this question coz u replied me but it did not really make sense

I tried to reproduce this but couldn't.
(I am on a fiber diet.)

Sorry TIMAI2, I can't get my code to reliably repeat the problem.

I do now suspect that the cause of the problem is poor internet connection/ speed, as suggested by Neelam_Singhal.

Thank you all for your replies.

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