Deleted all my apps by mistake. Please help

I accidentally deleted all my apps. Can you please help me recover it? Thanks

My school recently changed their Gsuite domain name. I used my school account to log into app inventor. All my apps prior to the change in domain name is no longer accessible to me. My original google account that I used was They've changed it…

Welcome Noel.

Your apps are not deleted, the Projects are just listed on your original account and you can not presently access them most likely.

Someone on the MIT developer team will help you. It may take a day or two. You will be asked to provide the name of one or two of your Projects for security reasons.

You will be fine. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!

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I can transfer your projects.

I need you to send me a private message with your old address, your new address, and some information about the projects so that I can verify ownership.

Note that private messages are sent by click my avatar picture and clicking the Message button there. Do NOT post your personal information on this thread.

Dear MIT Team.....

Some of my students working on project in MIT APP Inventor for a competition. One of the student accidently deleted the entire app ... Kindly guide me to recover the app....Thanks in advance...

Is it also deleted from the trash?

Yes it was not showing in the trash as well..

So it was deleted twice.

Ill assign @Susan_Lane to see if she can help you. To bad he didn't make a backup.

Kindly recover the app... Students are feeling heartrending on hearing this... Kindly Help us..

You will have to be patient and wait if the devs can help you. Until then always make backups of your important projects so this can not happen.

Sure will do.... We will make sure that this not happen again...

I have responded to your private message on this subject.

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