Delete the error message

How can I delete this (1101 error) message from the app?

I used these codes but it still shows when I use the app


Why are you getting the error ?

when Getting information from my Google Sheets and error in connection

Have you considered checking for a network connection before attempting communication with the google sheet?

Yes, however, this error is shown when the internet speed is low

What happens, if you use an empty Screen.ErrorOccurred event?

In most cases, the error message is not shown, but sometimes this error appears
And because the program information is placed in this sheet, the address of the sheet should not be shown

Well, the Screen.ErrirOccurred event catches that error 1101... probably you are ralking about another error? How do your Web.GotText and Web.TimedOut events look like? Are you doing some error handling there?


Unfortunately, Screen.ErrorOccurred does not always catches the 1101 error.
i talk about 1101 error
(How do your Web.GotText and Web.TimedOut events look like? Are you doing some error handling there?)--- NO
Please guide and help in this matter

Web.GotText and Web.TimedOut events

I checked these two items and still the error message is displayed

Is there a way to not show the error message?

Let me respectfully disagree..
Are you probably using different screens and other Get requests there?

In the TimedOut event you should not just repeat the get request, display a nice error message instead

In the GotText event add an if statement like this

If response code = 200
Then continue with your current processing
Else display a nice error message


If I understand correctly
I used only one get and my program has 5 screens and the get is on the first page
Well, how to change the text of the error message when the app shows the message 1101؟!

Don't use a ShowAlert block in the Screen.ErrorOcurred. Your're catching the error but displaying it then.

I used it ''." so that the error message 1101 is not shown, but still it is shown sometimes

I am posting my aia file, thanks for trying and providing a solution

To test, turn off your internet or test from the internet with a very low speed
ee.aia (2.7 KB)

Here is an example of how the ErrorOccurred event could look like App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL | Pura Vida Apps


Are you switching screens while the Get request is still in progress?
Add the ErrorOccurred event in all screens


Are you changing the display while the receive request is still in progress? no
Add ErrorOccurred event on all pages--oky

Also for sometimes the error message appears on the second or third page even though I close the first page before opening a new page.

For me it works, When any error recovering the data, the error is caught.

The only thing you need is the block Screen.ErrorOcurred to catch the error if, for example, you connection fails (the only way I have managed to reproduce the same error). With that block, the error is also caught.