Delete list data from firebase

hi, dear team, i create an app to add records to firebase and also add the record in list, i put the data and press the submit button the record is saved in firebase also in the list but I want to delete the data when I press the record in list whatever I want to delete from list it also deletes from firebase... kindly help

@Steve_Nouri you appear to have created a second account?

Which one do you want to use, we can delete the other one ....?

i want to use this account? and kindly help me

if I add another record in the list it also adds in firebase now I want to delete the first one by from the list I want to delete the same data from firebase... and also I want to show this data on another screen and when I put the records in firebase all of it will be show on another screen in list

Do you want to keep a history of activity, if you delete that historical data will be lost?
It would be better to add the new data and keep the old data. Firebase provides a way to do this for authenticated users...

yes i want to keep history

how firebase provides a way for authenticated users

How to delete List data which stores in firebase by selection in list

Could I suggest you read the firebase documentation:

I want to add accept button when the driver put the details and the data shows on this passenger page then I want to add submit button but it appears automatically when different driver upload their data and when I press accept the get the message