Delete Image taken by camera,


I’ve made an app that lets you take a picture and draw on it.
After the image is taken it sets the image as a background of a canvas to be drawn on.
But the Taken picture is also stored in the normal location for images, so I end up with double data.

Is there a way to take a picture and only store in the location the app state’s,
Or to remove the picture from the DCIM folder

You can use Taifun’s File extension to delete the original image

I did have a look into Taifun file but couldn’t get it to work,
I tought “image” would contain the full path so I tryed this
but that obviously doesnt work (X)

Should I set image to Taifunfile1?
then when delete button is pushed call Taifunfile 1 delete fileName “Image”?

Works for me

2 things

You have a red cross on your image block, the image block needs to be inside the when Camera.AfterPicture event

Check your file path - it may be different for your device, either needs to be / or file:///. If it is a content uri, then use the conversion block in the extension

See here:

Try something like this:

I cant find the Call CreatDir element,
Those are the options I get when I open the example project and the image below is what I see
I have the TaifunFile1 extension do I need another one for this?

You have to create this procedure createDir:

Here you go: cameraTest4.aia (35.3 KB)