Delete an element from a list without ListView

Hi! I'm trying to delete an element from a list withount ListView, but I've some problems. (I'm trying to follow this topic but I cannot reproduce it)
I upload some screens from the code and the app

What do you get in TinyDB.GetValue tag totalDiario?

Create a Label and check it out.

Textx.Text = TinyDB.GetVaule tag totalDiario

I check the total numbers of elements in list

This is a part of the app, I store an unlimited elements and I limited it to this variable (for example, I write and store six elements, so in this screen this variable put six (or more if there are more elements saved) and I use it to < and > buttons that change the element in the screen)

Have you checked on a Label if that is a list?

Try like this:

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lista_temporal - copy list list - list from csv row text - TinyDB.GetValue

Juan Antonio, I sent this pictures (one number equals to a text)

TIMAI2, I'm going to try it and I'll tell you

TIMAI2 no, the code doesn't work (I´ll check all the code before try it and I didn't see anything wrong)

It does, as I have provided it....

I upload the aia and the apk to Drive, better share the code than see it with pictures.

(If you need translate from Spanish to English, tell me and I'll upload a aia and apk all in English)

This is a case of an app poisoned by a TinyDB value that is assumed to be a list but is not a list.

You take the precaution to check if the value is not there (good), but you don't check if it's a list or not.