Delete a list of projectbuckets from firebase using web component

i have a firebase and a list, then for each item in the list, web go to url get item and then web delete. then the first deleted from the web and then companion app closes. what should i do?

when click button5 the first item from the list got deleted from firebase then companion get closes and the rest items are not deleted. what do i do?

You are using Button5 as a machine gun.

Create a new global list for that button and web call with pending delete requests, and deplete it after the first request completes.

Send the first request only.

Catch the completion event of the delete so you can know to send the new first item for deletion.

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Is there anything else in "Request" that you want to keep ?


and i am trying with blocks that @ABG said above. i hope i ll get success.

Shame, you could then just delete Request.

Possibly place all those items in a sub node, then all you have to do is one call to delete that node....

e.g. just delete /Request/tags


in Request there are 5 to 6 projectbuckets and i want to delete only 2 to 3 buckets

i did this and its working.

i gave timer to 2sec
edited the firebase url then uploaded here

is there method to do the same thing?

your method


its grate

I do not like either of those....

try like this:

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It's important to add purpose to variable names, to avoid lethal mixups.

Think of an assassin's hit list versus his wife's party invitation list.

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