Delays in working with the mit app inventor site

I have very big code, but I have very big delays with working on the site, adding new elements takes a long time, creating of the dictionaries is too slow and drag has a long delay and large drawdowns.
I don't have problems with Net and my laptop.

How to fix it? Is there a mit app inventor version for downloading on windows?

You should look at optimising your blocks, instead of very long "combs" of if/else statements consider using the any components blocks. for data consider sqlite, then you can use queries instead of lists and block code. There are many different approaches to optimising, try some out and see what works for you.


I would try

  • CleanUp Blocks option to switch from 2D to 1D organization to reduce computational load on browser
  • eliminate extraneous browser addons
  • Load data tables from Media folder at startup time, and use table lookups instead of if/then/elseif combs