Delayed display of thumbposition in slider

I'm using a slider as a progress bar. I have a list viewer and when an item from the list is picked, the progress bar should "progress".

After the first pick, the progress bar did change but second and third picks doesn't change the progress bar's value.


How could I make it that it would always add another value once an item in the list is picked?

Hello jhml

Do you need to store the value for use on another screen or retain the progress position for the next time the App is run or were you just experimenting with TinyDB to try to solve your issue?

Adding 10 to proNum should be enough (without TinyDB) - are you certain it does not get changed elsewhere?

Note that a simple Label component makes a good progress bar.


It's in the same screen, but I would like to save the progress even after the screen initializes again like how the items in the list viewer retain latest changes.

I have another problem now. The progress bar saved the values but when it initializes again, it displays 0 or no progress, then when an item is picked, it jumps to its actual value now.


To see progress retained on next App run, build an APK rather than running on the Companion. With the Companion, you can see runtime progress.

ProgressBarExample.aia (3.7 KB)

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