Default Speech Recognizer and SC Speech Recognizer

Hello, Everybody!
I made a simple test app with two Speech Recognizers: Default and SC Speech Recognizer.
Both works in Companion good.
But when I make .apk, the SC Recognizer doesnt work, only default one works.

Who can try to make .apk and test?

p139B_Extension_Sonido.aia (20.2 KB)

I tested it. With both components (pre-built and extension) added to the design, in fact SC Speech Recognizer refused to work. But after removing the built-in component, it works fine. There is no point in using two versions at the same time, it can introduce some complications in the compiled code. Remove the built-in component.

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I understand that there is no need to use both recognizers, I just wanted to show that in .apk the default component woks fine, but SC doesnt work.
I need SC, and it works in Companion, but not in .apk.
I just tried again: the same result, doesnt work on 3 different phones.
May be I use wrong settings? Or may be my phones setting are wrong?
I cant imagine where to begin finding a mistake.

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I found: if to switch off PreferOffline, it will work.

Yes, I have disabled this feature. That's why it probably worked for me.

But how to understand why this function doesnt work in .apk?
I want use it, because as my tests show, the offline recognition is a little faster than online.

Now I need to turn off the Internet in my phone manually.

It may also be a matter of some settings on the phone. On the extension page there is a link to the page describing how to add languages to the OffLine mode. I use Polish, you probably use Russian. From what I read, only English is offline by default. Others must be added manually.

Thanks, Patryk, I will try!