Default parameters to extension functions

How to pass default parameters to a extension function which have a default value?

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Like the cancelable parameter here

It is not possible yet! This particular method that you have shown here has the default value hardcoded in the blocklyeditor source.

Ok, thanks!

I think it is possible if we use
boolean cancelable right
I could help if u share what u did still now

No, it doesn't happen. I've used boolean cancelable as in the appinventor source but nothing happens.

What code u have till now

I think @pavi2410 is correct as in the sources also they haven't done anything different.

Then fine it's just a thought

Here is the code where the ShowChooseDialog block's cancelable parameter is appended a default block

As you can see, similar functionality cannot be achieved via an extension


So it's embedded into the website only?

That's correct

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I've filed a feature request here


just same word

the same i mentioned here

any way fine

If you look at the code I linked, the default block is added if and only if the component_type is Notifier and the method_name is ShowChooseDialog.

Setting your parameter name to 'cancelable' won't do the trick, I'm afraid


i thought of different way sorry i thought qs is how to ask

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