Decode XML file Error 1105

Hi, I am trying to read a xml file (attached) in to labels (code attached)
In this example I am looking for the name of the Coordinator in Athlone_Congregation

I don't know enough about it to trouble shoot it myself, pls help

halls.xml.txt (533 Bytes)

You need to sort out your source first:


I change the xml file to:

		<Address>Cnr Lawrence Rd & Newton Ave, Athlone</Address>
		<Coordinator>August Engelbrecht</Coordinator>
		<Address>220 The Hague Ave, Roosendal, Delft</Address>

and get an error for the address, are we not allowed spaces in it?

Okay I fixed it, can't have a space and a & in the xml, need to use the _ and 'and' instead, it works thanks.

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