Decode JSON text Problem

Hello, I am trying to make it so that when someone writes an account number in my application and clicks "Consult", the application uses the data from a Google Sheets that is in JSON format to change the window labels.
But when the test is done, an error appears on the screen like the one in the image. Somebody could help me?

Error Name

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See your response content returns from the web page. It returns page instead of Json. Check that

When I review the page manually according to textbox 1 the following appears:

Two things you need to revive.

  1. Index 0 is not a valid one
  2. When web got text try to get keys of global list

Then we can discuss remaining

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  1. How can I know what the value of "index" should be?
    I'm still learning decoding and I'm a bit confused on that value.

  2. The keys are located in the "look up in pairs key" section.


You have a list made of three items. In order, they are "apple", "orange" and "bananas". Since "apple" is the first item in this list, its index is 1. Also, since "bananas" is the third item in the list, its index is 3.

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What do you get if you put
LabelX.Text = responseContent

I think I understand, but when I change the value to 1, 2, 3 or another number, the error continues but instead of being [0] it is the selected number.

Oh really thanks, I had set the script to run only with a Google account, with that tag it helped me see the error, thanks.

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