Decimal to text?

Is there an easy eay to convert decimal to text?
The extension textconverter does no include this unfortunately.

In my ble code my char is being transmitted as decimal

[68 101 118 51 50] I need to convert it back to text "dev32" in this case.

Any easy solutions? Thanks in advance.

Here's some procedures you can use.
(Thank @Italo for the conversion tables)
asc asc_test AsciiCHRASCprocedures.aia (4.0 KB)

chr chr_test strip_STX_ETX
The procedures might be draggable, depending on their age, otherwise backpack them from the .aia project.

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Similar method using dec/char csv file

char2Text.aia (3.2 KB)

Thank you! I'm still on a steep learning curve. I can convert a single byte to text by indexing it.

I can strip out the [0]'s leaving me with [51,50]

But if I wanted to convert the whole lot in one hit [51,50] to text, that's where I'm now stuck. :frowning: Its probability obvious solution, which I haven't learnt yet....

@ABG Actually Disregard. I think I figured what I did wrong. This seems to work, hopefully its correct...

Thanks once again..!

You can use this very simple extension :grinning:

com.extension.Decimal.xoma.aix (5.9 KB)

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@Kumaraswamy Awesome! Just what I was looking for! Thank you.

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You're welcome :blush:

If you find my post as solution then please tick it. :grinning:

In the end, I still had to trim the decimal so ennded up leaving it as is.

you might want to provide a screenshot of the final solution then
thank you

I did, Post #5. :slight_smile:

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