Decimal Number after Zero

Hi Dear Community,
I have problem above decimal number after zero, as photos below :
When the Label text is set as Empty, it is easy to type 0.02 ,
But when I change the Label text to "0", I can't type it to 0.02 however i set my blocks;
it always get a result = 0 or 2

I know that 0.0 is equal to 0, so it doesn't appear as 0.0
So how should I set the blocks to make a result as 0.02 when the Label text is "0" ?
Thanks for any help and suggestion!

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use the compare block from Text, not from Math.

Hi Kevinkun,
Your method is ok, it works, and I learn a lot.
Thank you very much for your reply and help :pray: :+1: :grinning:

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