Decided i want a home page. Created one but app still opens up on first screen created

Hi, i want to change the screen that my app boots into. Basically i have decided to add a master home page but the first screen still loads first. I dont really want to manually copy everything across to another page as thatll take a long time. Is there a way i can change this without deleting/copying/transfering everything across pages?


If what you have on Screen1 is also important, then there is work todo. Carpenters have a saying: Measure twice, cut once. That very much applies to software development too - plan ahead, design your App on paper first, avoid hitting time consuming issues like this one.

It is possible to re-name the Screens using a desktop utility program or text editor:

What you also can do is open another screen in Screen1.Initialize and go from there. But it could give complications, because screen management is not easy.
Third thing you can do, is create a new project with your new home page as Screen1. The use the project merge tool to merge the project. Be sure to load the old project last, It then allows you to rename Screen1 from your old project. Works like a charm.
Fourth possibility: build virtual Screens, using Layout blocks. See the documentation for this. And keep in mind that having many screens will surely cause you headaches.
Cheers, Ghica