Debugging app with errors

Edited an old app which was working earlier, Im now getting below error when app opens up.

How to debug further

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Please show your relevant blocks (in this case it would be the initialization of a dictionary). Also, upload the project's .aia file here so we can see what's wrong with it.

Thanks, but if I share aia file here, can this app be copied by anyone? I'm also eager to know how to debug further without sharing the app completely

If you don't want to share the .aia file here, you can DM it to a moderator (click on their profile and click "Message")

You'll have to isolate the error to the particular section of blocks that's causing it, then go through your app's logic to see why the error is being caused.

Thanks for the info. I have DM you the link for aia file.
Could you please give more information about the error

check where you are adding items into a dictionary

Just add this extension into your project and drag it, and it'll tell you where is the error.

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Seems to be useful for future, I was clueless on how to use it. Can we have detailed user documentation for newbies?

You basically just import the extension into your project and add it to your screen. After that whenever an error occurs, it'll also include the location of the error.

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