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I have made a map screen where i want to place a marker in each of db2 data geolocations. This works fine. However afterward I want the color of the markers to change color according to data in the db1 data. The data is selected in several parameters where db2 contains 9 parameters in each data line. After choosing the right data and the right marker it must be changing the color only if it is the newest data inserted in the database. This is done by a variabel, but as this one will change with all markers i need a way to store a marker specifik data that is not visibel to a user. Do any of you have an idea if this can work in any way?

I am building an app that place a firebase decided marker on a map. The marker will afterwards be elected according to several parameters, but finally the newest is choosen to decide the color of the marker. The placement of the markers works fine. However the decition of the colour is more difficult. I use "globalname 2" However i need one for each taglist run but how can i make that kind of memory?

Why ? Two is not always better than one. Firebase provides for different nodes.

I use two because there is different purposes. I need it to control the data after publishing the application.

The way to do it is to use timestamps as keys (tags) and your "colours" as values.

This way you can call back the taglist inside the node for the marker, sort, and select the latest timestamp to select the colour for your marker.

I have a firebase with db with farmacies and 6 entries, and a db for farmacons with 9 entries. I have made a way to set the marker with famacies and their geolocations. The other db contains a time stamp but this is not the tag. I am just about to make it work with the latest helt on the dictionaries.

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