DatePicker: Date in text

Is it possible to make the date to text and in sync with the calendar. i.e. if i move it to Apr 27th the word "Monday" would change into "Saturday"?
Calendar.aia (6.7 KB)

If you a re choosing the date with a DatePicker you can calculate the day of the week in the event block, after date selected:

sorry for a dumb question, but where can i find the "clock1" block?

In the sensor drawer

In Sensor, you have a clock component

For the initilize block you can use the "Now" block:

how can i make this like "Week 4: April 21 - 27 2024"?

The Clock should have a block to return the week number of a given Instant.

You can determine the first and last dates of the week containing that Instant by counting backwards and forwards a day at a time from that Instant and watching the week number to see if it changes.

Alternatively, use the Day Number in Week and a little arithmetic.