Database transfer

I got cloud hosting for my app, what i made here. There i can import my database from here, but i need from here hostname and password. The cloud that hosts me has such an opportunity:

Source Type: Redis
Redis Hostname/IP Address: redis://
Redis port: 6381
Password (if required):

and also…
my app, which no need database transfer, do not work with new hosted cloud…
…i named my new database like CloudDB1 ProjectID and get from new dabase endpoint redisserver and redisport data, built my app and it not works with my new database…
…what is wrong and how i can solve this?

isn’t “Token” database password, whitch needed for log in?

I started to port a TinyDB project to Clouddb in a free Redis account, a while ago, then got distracted from it midway. I got far enough into it to document the database setup here …

The Redis setup part should still be right.

Also see FAQ Section: CloudDB