Database selection

Hi all,
I would appreciate if you could tell me what is your favorite database or the one that you recomend,
CouldDB, Airtable, TinyDB, MiniwebDB, GoogleSpredsheet… other

I am quite new with Mit App inventor, and I need a Database that I can share with other users.

  • What volume of data?
  • How many users?
  • How frequently updated?
  • Insert-only, or also update?
  • Read-only?
  • How much money do you want to spend per month?

MySQL running on your own web server, see also


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Data; No more than 100 registers with 10 fields.
Users: Max 8
Frequently unpdated: in one hour can be 25 updates
Insert and update
Read and write
Money: As least as posible.

My a change my question.
What is the database that MIT recomed to use with APPinventor?

They do not “recommend” a database because it all depends on what type of database you need!

If you want Nosql - key:value pairs then cloudDB or Firebase
If you want sql - relational database, then mySQL or SQLite
If you want lists - columns and rows of data, then Google Sheets or csv files