Database on the phone

So I want to create a game where you can play multiplayer without internet acces.

So that phone what is hosting the hotspot is work as a cloud. And who is in the network can get the informations.

(I need extension or any other method)

The "host" of the game will need to manually activate the hotspot on their device.

There was an extension for Android < 7, but now with Android > 7 you have to set it manually.

After that it should be possible for other devices to connect to the hotspot.

My problem is not to host a hotspot.
I search an extension/method, to my phobe work as a cloud in the hotspot and the other device could acces it. So when I want to get information it give me it

Try Wifi Direct


You could also look at UDP...

I tried but it doesnt working

It could work thanks. I will try it if I have time

without further information noone is able to know, why it does not work for you

It is working thanks

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I was think about the other extension

Could you help me with something please?

The application work perfect exept one thing. Somewhy I cant send a list without an error
p118B_ESP32_UDP (1).aia (54,2 kB)

Probably because a list is an object?

Try using a join block to convert it to a string


I get the list but somewhy I cant paste to a listview

I solve it, with transfer the list to CSV and back

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