Database for storing incoming data from micro:bit

Hello everyone.

Please, which database tool can save data from the micro:bit and allow me to download it later for analysis?

The CloudDB tool saves data to the cloud on mit app inventor (with a tag and value)

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@tails2012tim Thank you for responding.
I have been able to store the data and retrieve it in the app.

Now I want to download the data from the cloud to my phone. How can that be done?

Try to store into a file that recovered data from your app.

Or if you want to store it into your app, you can store it in tinyDB.

if you are using another app, you can just copy the token (if you are not on the same account) and the ProjectID. if you wanted to store it in a local database and not in the cloud (basically downloading it), you can use TinyDB.
It functions a lot like CloudDB except it's on the local device