Data storing for hierarchial structure of date

Dear all,
I'm willing to store and retrieve some data for storing hierarchical information, like
1 country contain several states. Each state have further sub divisions. Each sub division with several cities and villages and so on. This data will be entered by several users and will be processed further. Then access of data is by several levels differently. How we can manage such kind of things specially using cloud based database. Data is not very sensitive, but need good access control.

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Learn about using lists:

General Tutorials


Search the FAQ/Forum for:

CloudDB, Firebase, TinyDB, TinyWebDB, SQLite, phpSqLite, Google Sheets, csv (the closest you will get to Excel), MySQL

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Thanks for the resources @TIMAI2. I wish i had access to them when i first started with lists. Would've saved some headaches and time. :wink: :laughing:

For a tag/value cloud database like FireBase or CloudDB, I would set up regional tags built up from major to minor region names, separating each level with a '/' from the next level.
This allows the region names to be kept out of the code, for ease of maintenance.
This also benefits the integrity of each subregion's data if you restrict each updating user to only his regional subtree, allowing only one updater per twig of the tree.

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