Data read from csv file

I am Prepared a csv file of short address with mobile number of all members of my company. Now I want to make a mobile application with this file where 1st will see a list with the data from my prepared csv file and then after selecting the list it will show the detailed information of the person. Its posible?

yes, and how you organized your data in the csv file?

I already Create csv file from Google sheet.

search google sheet in the forum, there are so many tutorials already.

please read my 1st post. I want to create apps for data read from csv file.

so the data in google sheet or csv from assets?

Data read from only csv file.

you did not answer my first question.

This is my csv file.
Qrf data.csv (1.4 KB)
I want to for my application 1st Screen is list view after select show details like as 2nd image.

Thanks @Kevinkun
I have already solved my problem with the information mentioned in this post.

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