Data privacy gdpr

Hello all
I created an app with mit app inventor and want to post it on google play but i use ad mob and dont collect any personal info about users but im afraid of gdpr or other data protection laws
What should i do to be compitable with law i dont use google analytics
Pls help me

You would usually declare how you manage users privacy in order to comply with GDPR or other countries privacy laws in your Privacy Policy. This is a requirement for apps on the Google Play Store, and should be your mantra in any case when building an app for others to use.

Search the community, or wider for privacy policy examples.

Its not problem privacy policy cause i can even buy one are many pages
But if someone who use my app want to se data collected what can i show when i dont collect any personal data myself
Data are collected by app auto and by ad mob internet connection
In ur case did u post any app and what did u do?

First, App Inventor doesn't provide any advertising components, so we can't really help you there. Second, the core App Inventor team is based in the US. If you're "afraid of GDPR or other data protection laws", you should seek legal advice from an attorney well versed in the GDPR. If that doesn't satisfy you, then I'd recommend removing the advertising component from your app.

I'm going to reclassify this to the help section because it really doesn't have anything to do with open source development of App Inventor.

1 if u dont know u can advertise with enhancer
2 gdpr dont apply only in europe also in usa if u serve europen people app in usa also u have ccpa
And i didnt know that classification was so important to u

AI2 doesn’t have provide monetisation options. If you want to use extensions to monetise your app then it’s your own responsibility to comply with the relevant laws. MIT AI2 staff can’t help you with that.