Data now found, but can't access from my app

Thanks to help received here I have located my previously lost project (peekler) in Google Cloud and can see on its Datastore page all the Entities with their tags and data stored there. There is an App Engine associated with it, so it seems as though I should be able to store and retrieve data from it .

If I try to access from AI via TinyWebDB using the theoretical URL, a simple Store/Get test fails, even though writes are enabled.

Obviously, I’m missing something here and I’d appreciate any help in finding a way to solve the problem. Thank you.

Been digging around and discovered that my project was set up in 2014 under Python 2.7. As Cloud now runs on series 3 I’m guessing that’s the reason why my data can’t now be accessed.

I thought best thing would be to set up a fresh project and migrate to that.

Went to the latest “Creating a Custom TinyWebDB Service” page and followed instructions. However, couldn’t find the source code .zip file mentioned at 2 (although there was such a file on the previous version of that page). Stuck!

Any help would be much appreciated - thanks.

Here are several ways to create a custom TinyWebDb

Thank you so much, Juan Antonio. Although this is new to me I will give your suggestion a try - I’ll report my result back to you.

Thank you again for sparing the time to lend a hand. Muchísimas gracias por haberme echado una mano…

Are you able to export your data from GCP ? If you can, what format is it in ?

Thanks once again for your help. Re exporting my data, I have nowhere to export it to! Following your previous advice to back it up, I’ve copied and pasted all the data (stored in AI “List” format) onto my local drive, hoping to be able to populate a new database if I couldn’t find a way to access it where it now is.
Here’s a screenshot of part of my Datastore page, showing the format and the data I can’t access from my AI app any more. Sorry I’m not well up on backend matters…

What happens if you tick a box for one of the entries, then hit the EXPORT button up top ?

You may have to set up “Billing”, but this might just be setting up, with no charges to follow…

Don’t want to seem ungrateful for your suggestion, but I really don’t want to set up a Billing account - I much prefer to go with the no-charge AI/MIT service.

BUT, if there was no other way to resolve things and I did set up Billing, what do you think my Export option would then be?

Many thanks.

It may be the only way to get your data back, unless you can somehow copy them from there one by one…

I’m in awe of the support you are giving me and others - I’m more than grateful. Thankfully, I have rescued the actual data by copy/paste as you mentioned and stored it on my hard drive ready to populate a fresh new database somewhere, somehow… It’s a learning experience… :crazy_face:

Suggest you put it all in a spreadsheet, tag in one cell, then each list element in adjacent cells (Google sheets and Excel will offer a split to columns function to make light work of that.)

Then you can write a small app to import and convert to your new tinywebdb (or use google sheets as a datastore …)

Wow - how ingenious - this mind boggled. I’ll move forward with that idea - will take a while for me to wrap head around, but will certainly let you know how it goes. Thank you!

Juan Antonio: I’m so grateful for your help. It’s taken me some time to finally arrange hosting and get your TinyWebDB to work with my AI2 projects but it’s now up and running perfectly! Thanks to you, I can rescue my previous work and build fresh content for the future, Awesome! Muchas gracias.

Again, many thanks for your help. I’ve got data storage sorted now, and have taken up your idea for using a spreadsheet to handle my old, and new, data lists. Yours gratefully, BA

Well done Barry, it is always good to have a happy ending :slight_smile:

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