Data from firebase to android app error

Could you help me please to visualize firebase data on the mobile app created using MIT app inventor.

block side

You are asking for "values" when you should be asking for "tags" in some instances.

DataChanged may not work if the changed data on firebase is not coming from an AI2 app.

"Values" or "tags" , the app doesn't show anything
please let me tell you that data is transferred for an ESP32 to firebase then to AI2 app

Have you set your Firebase API key (Firebase Token) correctly in the designer?
Can you try just calling the data with a button?

Something like this:




the firebase token is set by default

All what i did is the same as this youtuber project, but mine doesn't work

please take a look into this : Google Firebase & ESP8266 Complete Guide - Sending/Receiving Data from ESP8266 & Firebase - YouTube

Yes, but you are using your own firebase project, you need to apply your own API key (found in the Firebase Project Settings)

I did it and no change,

OK, it seems that the Firebase Token textbox in the Designer can be empty as well.

I watched the last part of the video, did you see their DataChanged blocks ?

How have you got your Firebase Rules set ? They should be true/true for realtime_Values.

Did you try just calling the data without DataChanged? The dataChanged event will not work until your app sends or calls some data to/from Firebase (this enables it to make a connection and setup the listener). Just create another tag and set a value.